Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Vol. 2 - Yura Ariwara, Mahiro Maeda UGH! WHY!? JUST WHY!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIMES!? JUST WHY!?

*Slaps self*

Okay... let me start this properly. I am a huge fan of this anime. It's something I just started watching one day out of curiosity and ended up enjoying quite a bit. I loved it. So when I heard there was a manga for it, I just had to get my hands on it and read it. I read the first volume and... was not impressed. It lacked in many areas and I just didn't feel connected to it like I did with the anime. However, I still thought it was a pretty decent manga. This volume... was NOT a decent read. Such a shame really because it started off with so much promise. No, really! I thought it was going to improve from where it lacked in the last volume but no. I was wrong. It just got worse. I mean... looked at how many stars I rated it! I have NEVER rated a manga I read so low before. Never. This left me feeling so... bored. It was getting to a point where I didn't even know whether I should take it seriously or not. Obviously not. I kept laughing my ass off because of the shear stupidity of it all. *Sighs* I just... I can't even... it's so sad! I wanted to like it so much! DX

Maeda, what happened to you? You went from creating such a wonderful work of art that was the anime to writing a sub-par manga version of it? Why would you do that to your own creation? At the beginning, where you focused on the Count and how his mind was working out the plan to destroy Villefort and all that was the best! Why didn't you continue from that line of thinking? Why did you have to bring in Villefort's slutty wife and then introduce such a ridiculous notion as to bring the dead back to life? Are you kidding me? That idea was beyond ridiculous and cliche and... ugh... I'm getting a migraine just thinking about it. The story is not the story I fell in love with. That characters are like they came from a different series all together. Also, some of these "odeas" you came up with... was just... stupid. I'm going to be real with you. It's stupid. Not even a child would come up with such horrible ideas. And another thing, what the hell was up with those extras at the end of this volume? They served absolutely no purpose to enhance the story. None. Zero! You wasted paper just for the hell of it! And it wasn't even drawn with much effort! I know the artwork isn't the best but at least put some thought into your drawings!

Speaking of art, I HATE it! I never thought I would hate an art style so much as I hate this one. It's basically hit or miss. Sometimes I think the art is spot on and that it's gorgeous and I want to stare at that page for hours. Other times... I just want to shield my eyes because it's just done so poorly. I can't seem to get over how much the artwork just puts me off. This volume, especially, had very poor artwork done. The first one at least had quite a few pages that left me dumbfounded because I thought it was very beautifully done. This volume had only two pages where I was left gagging. Just two. Oh, and that library was amazing. Seriously, guys! Did you see that library!? That was one of the most amazing libraries I had ever seen anywhere! I would do anything to go in there and go exploring for hours upon hours just to find that right book for me~ *Swoons* *Q* Uh... anyway... back to the art. Only two pages left me in awe... the rest was utter garbage. It was very painful to look at sometimes. So sloppy and poorly thought out... much like the rest of this book.

The characters... bah... I don't even care for the characters in this manga. I like the Count and Bertuccio but that's basically it. Albert was only in the extra so he doesn't count much for this volume. Franz is a completely different person than he was in the anime. In the anime, he would have never trusted the Count. Never. In the manga, he's like, "OMG! We should go to the Count because he's awesome and he will help us~!" It's very unsettling. Villefort is a disgusting man that deserves to rot! He did something that was completely revolting and I HATE him for it. He was awful in the anime but in the manga he's DISGUSTING! And his wife is no better. The little skank tries to play herself off as a victim when she is nothing but an attention whore. -_-" Valentine is boring to me... she does nothing but cry. The Count was okay here. Although... I noticed... they made him more "fabulous." Ugh... messing with my favorite character... the one thing I did like was that they added a lot more to Bertuccio's character. In the anime, he's rather reserved but here he's a lot more outspoken. And he's smart! His intelligence just calls out to me. He's amazing and I love him to bits.

It seems like the manga is getting worse and worse with each new volume. Shame. A damn shame. I wanted so much more to come out of this but... alas, no. And my reviews are getting shorter and shorter. But, can you blame me? Nothing worth mentioning is happening. You want to know what it felt like reading this volume other than the obvious torture that came with it? It felt like watching one of those really bad soap operas they play on TV. Really bad. I thought it would never end with the constant, "Oh, but we can't be together if you don't kill her. Our bond will never grow." and more bullshit like that. Oh man... seriously, guys. I wouldn't recommend this manga volume. Not even if you are a fan of the anime. I guess if you are really curious, you should give it a try. Otherwise, just stay away from it. There are a lot better manga out there. You don't need to be wasting your time on something like this. -_-" I'm off to read the final one... God, I hope it's a lot better than this one. Somehow... I doubt it. DX