Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Vol. 3 - Yura Ariwara, Mahiro Maeda My rating should sum up how I feel about this manga. Oh. My. God. What a horrible read! It was terrible! I couldn't stomach one moment of it! Well, there was that moment where the Count took off his shirt that made me drool for a bit but that's besides the point. I was truly hoping I was going to enjoy this manga series because of how awesome the anime was. But no. Maeda completely ruined the manga. I don't know what he was thinking but man! What a let down! There was absolutely nothing amazing about this particular volume! It went from bad to worse in less than a second. Want to know what's even sadder? The fact that with each passing volume, the rating got lower and lower until it reached a one. Congrats, Maeda! You've succeeded in making me rate a manga a one. First one! *Claps then rolls eyes* I am just so disappointed that something so great could be turned into something so crappy...

Maeda must have been on something to turn one of the best things he has ever worked on into nothing but shit. Because that's what this manga series is: Shit. The concept, the execution, the characters, the plot, the EVERYTHING!!! All of it was pure drivel. He lowered he standards, that is, if he had any. Who puts in a pointless sex scene between a step-mother and her daughter and then focus only on their privates in a story like this? It slowed the book down and made it too vulgar for my liking. The so-called "revenge" the Count took out on Villefort was pathetic. It was nothing like the anime. It wasn't thought-provoking. It was like every other form of "vengeance" that takes place in every other type of media. Another problem I had with Maeda's story-telling ability was the ridiculous concepts. I'm sorry but NO ONE can hook up a human brain to a spaceship and expect things to run smoothly. Just... no. That's illogical. Frankly, a lot of the ideas he introduced in this volume was stupid. Plain old stupid. I felt like slamming my head against the wall whenever something implausible was placed before me. Ugh... just recalling it makes me want to gag.

The story wasn't the only thing lacking either. The artwork plummeted to the ground in this volume. There is literally only one page that caught my eye. One! Just ONE!!! Everything else look as if he got tired so he just did a shit job to finish the manga. In fact, at the end of the book, he admitted himself that sometimes he felt like closing the book and not finishing what he started. If a person is too lazy to put in the hard work a dedication it takes to create a manga of value then that person shouldn't even be in the industry to begin with. *Sighs* I just don't understand how this turned out to be so wrong when the anime came out to be so great! Also, Maeda worked in a lot of great projects prior to this. He worked in Studio Ghibli and GAINAX so I'm at a lost. I know he has talent! He's shown it many times before... so what the fuck happened here? I really am just leaving it to the fact that he got lazy and, therefore, didn't put enough time and effort into this manga. I guess he figured that since the anime was a hit, the manga would just speak for itself. Well, he was wrong.

Not even the characters can make up for this mess. The characters were taken and raped by their creator. He destroyed them! Every single one of them. Valentine, that beautiful girl, was tarnished in a way that is unrepairable. Madame Villefort just came off as a pathetic skank. Villefort was a pussy throughout the entire series. And even the Count was not himself. He seemed a lot more simplistic and not as clever as he was in the anime. The way he went about his vengeance was just... ugh... I already told you. I won't repeat myself. Only one thing I liked that happened was that we got to see a little more of how he came in contact with Gankutsuou. I did enjoy, to an extent, seeing more about the Count's past. However, most of it was tedious and boring as hell so it didn't really make me cling to him anymore than I should. Eh, whatever. This manga blows.

What pissed me off the most was the fact that it ends in a fucking CLIFFHANGER!!! Okay. I am not picky when it comes to cliffhangers. It serves to keep the reader invested in the story and ensures that the reader will go out and get the next volume. However, when there are no more volumes AFTER the one you just read and it ends in a cliffhanger... THAT'S WHEN I BLOW MY TOP! ALSDNDNSKNFKDNFKDNKN Why would you do that!? WHY!? I knew this was going to happen from the beginning. I just KNEW it! Readers, please, do yourselves a favor and stay away from this manga series. It is not worth the pain and aggravation you get from just looking at the garbage that is displayed on these pages. If you're interested in a good revenge story, watch the anime. Or better yet! Read the original book! It's WAY better and you get to see things the way they were meant to be seen. Just stay away from this crap! That it all. You have been warned. Now if you'll excuse me... I'm off to wash my brain off with my mallet. See you in the next review~