The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy's Great Idea - Ann M. Martin, Raina Telgemeier This is one of the cutest graphic novels I have read in a long time. I liked it a lot. I've read this two times before, making this a total of three times I have read this book. Yes. It IS that cute. I remember the first time I came across this comic, I thought it was going to be quite boring... since I was a bit older and I never really paid too much mind to The Baby-Sitters Club series. However, I was wrong. I was hooked! I enjoyed the story so much... I read it a second time... and then a third... and now I am writing my review! XD The characters are relatable, the plot is simple but sweet, and the art is just adorable! Going into the library this time around with my comic binge at its highest really helped me decide on reading this again and I do not regret a single moment of it. In fact, I would read this again and again and again! It is just THAT good!!! <3333<br/>
I need to give thanks to Ann M. Martin because without her, this comic wouldn't exist. She created The Baby-Sitters Club and she was the one who formed it to what it is today. I am quite glad for what she did because she manages to take a whole bunch of normal middle school girls and give them life. They have REAL issues that one must find REAL solutions to. Most authors when they write for teens, they make their problems so superficial. Like girls having boy trouble or popularity issues. Those, to me, are not real problems. That's crap. However, Martin writes about actual issues. Like kids having to deal with their parents being divorced, having strict parents, living under the pressure of having to be the perfect student, etc. REAL problems. For that, I adore Martin greatly.

Now I need to give Raina Telgemeier her props! She took what Martin created and turned it into a beautiful story that anyone could relate to. I love the real-life issues in this comic. I also love the art! The art, at first glance, might not seem like much. It's very simple and not a lot of details are put into it. However, it's appealing. It draws the reader in with its cartoon-y feel. The comic appears to be something any kid can read whilst still addressing major issues that many teens are faced with. I like that combination. I like seeing how everything is drawn together like that. When I first saw the artwork, I immediately thought it was going to be some fluffy story... it wasn't. There are some dark themes that are displayed in this comic (nothing too mature) and the artwork, I feel, was drawn that way to bring a much more peaceful mind to the reader when facing the issues these characters must go through. It might seem harsh... but there's always something that will make everything right again. I love the art style. Reminds me of the many children's books I read as a child! Love it!

The characters in this book were amazing! Kristy was the one to come up with the idea of The Baby-Sitters Club. She was fun, likable, a bit loose with the mouth but what kid isn't, really? She had to deal with the issue of divorce. I felt really bad for her because I know all she wanted was to have her family together again. I can't relate to what she was going through (Thanks Goodness) but I know there are many kids out there that has to deal with this sort of thing. I really appreciated that aspect. Then there's Mary Anne. She has a very strict father that doesn't allow her to do anything really. I know what that feels like because a very good friend of mine deals with that everyday. It's a good and loving home... but the child cannot grow without some freedom. Something Mary Anne must learn to confront her father about. Claudia is the next character and her parents want her to be perfect in everything she does. This is mostly because her older sister is extremely smart and Claudia gets compared to her a lot. The last character is Stacey and she's new in town. She's from New York (I miss New York! I want to go back so badly!) and she has her own secrets. I can't say because it's one of the plot points but I can relate to that a lot. My mother goes through what she goes through. Her secret was bit disappointing because I didn't think it was worth all the chaos she caused for her friends, but it was still a good issue to bring up with teens today. Okay, I really have nothing bad to say about the characters. They were all wonderful! Even Kristy's brothers, mother, and mother's boyfriend. They were all good characters. *Flails* I just think they were really epic and mature and act like how people should act!!!

Guys, come on. Read this graphic novel. It'll be good for you. You could learn a lot of things about how to handle certain situations and have fun at the same time. Even if you are not a fan of The Baby-Sitters Club, you should still pick this up. It is worth the read. Especially if you are going through what some of these characters are going through. Besides, it's a very short read. It's so light you don't even notice when it's over. The climax of the book did seem a bit weak to me but I was still able to appreciate it for what it brought to the table. Go ahead and pick it up. If you end up not liking it, then fine. I don't think it's for everyone... but I do think everyone could benefit from reading it. ^_^