Emily The Strange: Chairman of the Bored - Rob Reger, Brian Brooks, Jessica Gruner Emily the Strange. Man, do we go back. I've been a fan of hers since... well, years! I've always been a fan of the macabre and the grotesque. Anything that's dark and a little spooky. I love it all! I like getting the crap scared out of me so when I discovered Emily a few years back, I was quite glad. I like the weird elements that she brings. I like the oddness to her style, her personality, her mindset. Just the way she handles herself, doing her own thing, inspires me. Sure, not a lot of people get her. They think it's just some "weird comic" but that's the whole point to Emily! It's being weird! It's not about making sense or having an actual plot. It's to have fun, get into the bizarre, see the grotesque, yet still be intrigue with what the dark world has to offer. It's amazing and I love Emily for that.

This particular issue centers around the theme of boredom. No matter what Emily does, she can't seem to get out of this boredom. But... that's not going to stop her from trying to find something to entertain her! I love this issue a lot. There were so many references that I got which made me feel that much more involved in what was going on in Emily's strange little world. I enjoyed the part where she interviewed the punk band The Damned. You got to read each members response to her questions. It was a way to get to know them on a more personal level... even if their responses were a bit bizarre. XD Another part I enjoyed was the story centering around getting your head in the clouds. Not only because I am partial to clouds (for obvious reasons) but because Emily was encouraging you to be imaginative. You don't always have to be so serious. Sometimes... daydreaming, imagining something only you can think up of is exciting in and of itself. It doesn't make you any less of a person. The same thing could be said about the plant story. You don't have to "grow up" just to live your life. You can do so and "grow down" just to please yourself! Others... will only get in the way. This, among many others, is one of the reasons why I love Emily. But wait! There's more! I also liked the spin on the Cinderella fairytale. It was so funny! I enjoy fairytales quite a bit so when I saw how Emily's take on it was... I just laughed! XD Ah, I love this girl.

There's really not much else to say except that the artwork is brilliant! It's so richly dark and bright at the same time. Most of it is in black and white and red. Very different from other comics I've read in the past. I thought it was very unique. I can't recommend this comic enough. It's so good. You get pulled in by its weirdness. If you like things that are out of the ordinary and, frankly, doesn't make a lot of sense then I think you will really like this comic. The only reason it gets a four is because I read the other ones and I thought they were slightly better... but that doesn't mean this isn't just as good! It's entertaining and Emily is just so witty. You will have fun with her. Even if she is a bit... odd. <3