Cleopatra's Moon - Vicky Alvear Shecter This book was simply amazing! I loved it! The story, the characters, the intensity, the historical value, and the writing! Everything about this book was great. Vicky Alvear Shecter did an amazing job in studying her subject first before writing this novel. I was seriously impressed with how accurate her fictional story was to the true facts. The characters were incredible! Especially Cleopatra Selene. She wasn't your typical girl pining for love. She had a goal: To Rule. To have Power. To bring Egypt many riches! And she didn't let anything get in her way. She was ambitious and strong and I loved that she was the main character. I loved this book so much, I am going to add it to my personal collection. If you have any interest in Cleopatra Selene, Cleopatra, or Egypt itself, pick this book up! I'm sure you will enjoy it! Don't let the synopsis of this book fool you. It's not a typical romance book at all with a love triangle. It's barely even a love triangle at all. Seriously, read this book. It will do you some good. <3