Sweetly - Jackson Pearce Another okay book from Miss Pearce. I like it... although it is not as good as Sisters Red was. The writing was okay. The story was sadly lacking. The characters were decent. It was just an okay read. I felt that throughout most of the book, nothing really took place. It was a lot of trying to figure things out without actually doing anything. The characters themselves were nothing special. Mind you, they weren't bad. They just didn't seem that interesting. Gretchen, main character, got on my nerves a bit in the beginning but then she slowly eased up. Samuel, love interest, started off as your typical YA bad boy then he turned into a nice person who was in love... I thought he was dull. Ansel, Gretchen's brother, did nothing throughout the entire book. All he did was fix things... whoo. Sophia, girl they meet in a candy shop, was just... blah. Most of the characters did nothing for me. However, that doesn't mean it was a bad book. It still was interesting at times. Like when the worlds of Sisters Red and Sweetly crossed, I was truly excited. And there are a few action scenes that took place that made the book pick up quite nicely. In all honesty, this book probably deserves a two... but I really respect Pearce and I've read worse YA novels in the past that I feel a two is being a bit too harsh. Either way, give this book a chance, especially if you like fairy tale re-tellings. You might find yourself enjoying it!