Divergent  - Veronica Roth THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD BOOK! I'm going to say it straight up: READ THIS BOOK NOW! You will NOT be disappointed. It is filled with action, suspense, gore (in some parts), engaging story, fantastic twists, and epic characters you will love to death. Veronica Roth did an amazing job writing this book. Her style is so flawless! She KNOWS how to write. Her attention to detail is beyond amazing and I love how she develops each character to a believable standpoint. The fact that she knows how to write proper romance is refreshing as well. The characters are just brilliant! Beatrice is badass. She's not like your typical YA heroine that never uses her head and only thinks about penis. She actually goes out of her way to tackle her problems head-on. At the beginning, she was a bit naive, but she grows into such a wonderful character that you can just look past her flaws. Four is also a great romantic interest. He's kind and smart but he's not afraid to call you on your crap. He's tough but not without reason. Just all of the characters are epic. Really, check this book out. You will enjoy it, I promise you. Screw getting it from the library, though! Buy it! Just go out and add it to your collection along with all the other books from this series. It'll be good for you! >:3