Beauty Queens - Libba Bray Well this book was... some chore, I'll tell you that. I love Libba Bray. I think she is a very creative, talented, funny, amazing author. I love her books. However, this one was my least favorite. I enjoyed the beginning! I thought the little jokes here and there with the advertisements and the product placements and the making-fun-of-beauty-pageants was just incredible! But when it came towards the middle of the book... most of it felt flat. It was drawn out and boring. I was even considering not finishing the book, which is something I hate doing. The plot went flat-lined, the characters were mostly superficial, and I couldn't care less what the Corporation's goal was. However, the book picked up within the last 100 pages, much to my delight. I was invested again and I was really looking forward to seeing how the girls got off the island. In short, the book was okay. Definitely not Bray's best work but still an okay read. If you are a fan of Libba Bray then I think it's worth reading once. If not, you might want to skip out on this one.