Skinny Bitch - Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin This book... oh, this book. What can I say? I thought it was... meh. There were parts where I thought it was very educational for people who are interested in losing a few pounds. I even learned a few things from this book. I think it's fantastic in promoting healthy-living. However, there's a lot of messages this book has that promotes hate. What I am talking about are the parts that only seemed to want to cause a riot towards the government. Now, anything that has to do with the government, I stay away from. I HATE anything that has to do with politics. I have no interest in it whatsoever. I truly don't. So when I read this book, I wasn't expecting these women to bring up political shit almost every single chapter. I basically lost interest once they did.

Speaking of these women, they are a bunch of hypocritical, self-righteous, self-absorbed, egotistical maniacs! They claim to not be bitches when, in all reality, that's what they are. Their writing style is a way of insulting the reader, talking to them directly as if that will excuse them for belittle the intelligence of said reader. I wasn't necessarily offended by what they said. I was expecting a few things to be somewhat rude. But it was the manner of how they presented themselves to the reader and then having the audacity to say that they are not bitched pushes it a bit too far for me. Not to mention, throughout the whole book, they are calling the reader a fat pig and yet towards the end they say that they, too, slip up on their diets and that they are not perfect... what the hell? Seriously? You're going to insult the reader for having a bad diet knowing full well yours is no better? Contradiction much? What a bunch of horse piss. These women have bad attitudes and they try all their might to justify all the wrong they are doing.

Whilst I understand that eating fruits and vegetables are important (trust me, that's my main diet right there) and eating animals is wrong (I don't like to eat meat much myself), I STILL do not appreciate the way they went about in informing the public of this "vegan" lifestyle. Also, these women have something against milk, alright! Okay... yeah... I understand WHY you would have a problem with it. It does seem cruel to take the milk of a mother cow. Trust me. I get it. But must you bash the people who do like milk? I mean, it's not like you are eating the cow who is producing the milk. There's one line in this book that flatly states that if you drink milk, you will not be skinny. That's bullshit. Want to know why that's bullshit? BECAUSE I AM LIVING PROOF! I drank milk every night for years and I always maintained 115lbs of weight. Now, do take note that I've lost weight since I don't drink it as much anymore, but my point is, you could drink milk everyday and now get fat. I did it and I was fine with my weight until recently when I became a health nut and exercised everyday. Even now, I still drink milk. Just not as much. Milk CAN be good for you if you drink it in moderation. I didn't like how these women were calling anyone who drank milk slobs and how they will NEVER be skinny if they drink it. That was just utter bullshit.

I know it seems that all I have to say are bad things about it... and, well, that's true. But there were some good things. They did give a list of healthy organic foods you can eat. They also gave good information about how animals get abused on farms. Hell, they even wrote a chapter about you using the toilet (I found this chapter most helpful... seeing as how I rarely go. >_> Was that too much info?). They explained the benefits of eating certain food and what you should eat if you are lacking a certain vitamin. See, if they just stuck with actually health advice and the food you should eat and NOT undermined the reader, I wouldn't have minded this book. In fact, I probably would have given it a five. But that's not what happened and therefore, it gets a two.

I won't say you shouldn't read this book. I believe every reader has the right to read whatever they want. It's just something they will have to decide for themselves. Just be warned that this book can be highly offensive, they talk about a lot of political crap, they have bitchy attitudes, and you might feel like burning the book for how they insult the reader on more than one occasion. Not to mention their hatred for milk... I get it! You don't like it! Stop trying to make me hate it when I know all the benefits and lack thereof. Jesus... anyway. Pick this book up if you want and decide whether these authors are right in the head or not for yourself.