The Avengers: Battle Against Loki - Tomas Palacios What a read! This book is very short so I can't say much about it. It's geared towards children so what do you expect? However, though written for kids, it still holds much of The Avengers element. I did enjoy this book quite a bit. It uses simple language for kids to follow and it keeps the story engaging. The artwork was pretty good. It has three artists so it better be! XD All the characters from the movie are in here. What I liked most about this book is the fact that it centers around Loki, my favorite character. You get to see him in all his glory! Anything that has to do with him I'm just going to love and this book is no exception. Pick this book up! It gives your children all the action and adventure The Avengers are known for whilst also being age-appropriate. I'm sure your kids are going to love it. ^_^