Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Oh, yes~ It is THAT good! Still being very much into my "horror genre kick," I decided to pick up this book. I heard nothing but good things about it so I thought, "Why not?" It is, indeed, creepy. Scary? Hm... I didn't find it to be "scary" but there was a lot of gore and twisted things so it might be scary to some. In any case, Anna Dressed in Blood was such a fantastic read! It was fast-paced, action-packed, an amazing plot, and one of the best cast of characters I've seen in a book.

Kendare Blake is a very talented author. Her writing style is very unique. Much of her own style, it is. I love her sense of humor. She has the perfect timing to her jokes. Especially her dark ones. I am fascinated by her way of storytelling, as well. She had me hooked since page one and even when I told myself that I was going to go to bed... I kept reading. I must give Blake a lot of credit because there are not a lot of authors that can keep my attention the way she did. I think the thing she did the best with was her characters. I love all of the characters she created for her book. Especially Carmel. I love Carmel because she is just like all other female characters that you see in YA today: Popular, pretty, and the center of attention. However, here is where it is different... SHE'S NOT A STUCK-UP, PRETENTIOUS SNOB! She actually tried to solve her problems in a logical manner. She treats everyone kindly. She's not a FAKE person. Do you know how rare that is in YA literature? Normally, I would hate characters like her, but because she was so wonderful and useful, I actually was quite fond of her.

All the other characters in this book are great as well. Cas, the main character, might come off as a jerk but he is in no way a prick. He's one of those lovable jerks. You know the ones where you want to slap them sometimes because he can be mean but because he does it in a charming way (and to protect those he cares about), you can't help but care about him. Anna, the ghost, is creepy as hell... but is such a tragic character that you get nothing but feels for her! DX Thomas is a sweetheart. Morfran is awesome. GIDEON IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER! I LOVE HIS INTELLIGENCE, HIS WIT, HIS CHARM, HIS EVERYTHING!!! *Coughs* Okay... I just realized this is more me fangirling than it is an actual review so I'm just going to wrap this up.

Pick up this book. It's a wonderful read. If you like horror, gore, creepy ghosts, I am certain you will like this book. It is well-written, the characters are fantastic, and the story will have you wanting more! If you can look past the "romance aspect" (which is usually what kills a book for me), then you should have no problem enjoying this book.