Dracula - Bram Stoker One of the best vampire books I have read. Yes. I DID just say that. No, really. I've become so wary of reading anything that has to do with vampires as of late because of how popular it has become. I even passed up on reading this wonderful classic for a very long time. But then I decided to torture myself by checking out a library book that was inspired by this novel and thought, "Well, if I am going to put myself through hell by reading that book, I might as well read the classic it is based off of." And let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint me. This book is engaging, action-packed (for the most part), have wonderful characters, and a horror element that'll make you want to turn the page for more!

Bram Stoker did an excellent job in writing this book. I love his writing style. It's much different than what you see written today. However, it's not so different that you can't understand what is being said. He can set up a scene quite beautifully... even hauntingly. I was amazed when I could vividly imagine each new scene in my head. God! I love this book! The only thing that I have to complain about was how it sometimes went a bit too slow for me. There were times where I felt that things could have been left out. For example, there were times when the characters went over something they had to do in order to get closer to hunting down Dracula then they would go over it AGAIN not too far off later. Needless to say, the redundancy to this book is quite a bit. Nevertheless, it shouldn't deter you from enjoying this novel. Another thing I must complain is the portrayal of women in this novel... but that's something that I can't complain too much about... considering when this book was written. Still, it irks me just the same.

In any case, I enjoyed a LOT of the characters. Mina being my favorite. Dracula was EVIL! You know, the way Vampires were MEANT to be? But I digress. All the heroes to the story were phenomenal and I couldn't ask for a better cast.Van Helsing, too, was just... AMAZING!!! <3333<br/>
In short, go pick up this book and add it to your collection! It is a great classic that deserves to be read over and over. Especially if you are into vampires! Give this one a shot! You won't feel disappointed!