The Monstrumologist  - Rick Yancey How does one properly review a book one loves? Well... I know not the answer but I can tell you this... this book... WAS AMAZING! I loved EVERYTHING about it. Characters, plot, setting, EVERYTHING! The writing was unbelievable and the story even more so. I do not have one complaint about this book. No, seriously. No complaints! That's a first for me! I truly did enjoy this book. It was dark, gory, and everything a horror themed book should have. What can I say except that I was left in awe by the end of it.

Rick Yancey clearly knows how to write. He uses a somewhat old style of writing where you--wait, how can I explain this? Um... he writes well. ...yeah, that seems good enough. XP He can create interesting characters that will take hold of your heart and refuse to let go. Even the horrible, disgusting ones! *CoughKearnsCough* I think what I enjoyed most was the way he took a legend (the Anthropophagi) and made it his own. Yancey is an intelligent man and it shows through his writing. I am looking forward to any of his other works.

As I said, the characters are amazing! Especially Warthrop and Malachi. I won't say much because I feel like my meager words will ruin their amazing characteristics, but I will say that they will steal your heart. Malachi! I love you!!! *Ahem* Anyway! The same could be said about Will Henry! Not so much Kearns... He's entertaining, yes, but a douche. -_-" (Actually, he's a great character! He's one of those that you love to hate. He's highly entertaining... but you can't help but want to punch him in the face.) But, once again, not going to say anything. I'll let you discover what I am talking about for yourself.

I really have nothing more to say except that this book is well worth anyone's time. It's definitely not for the weak, however. There's a lot of graphic violence and gore in this book. It does not shy away from the macabre. If those sorts of things disturb you then don't read it. However, if you love horror and blood and gore (like me) then you will most certainly love this book! Trust me! It is NOT a disappointment.