The Curse of the Wendigo (Monstrumologist) - Rick Yancey I cannot rave about this book enough! I basically fangirled over the first in the series and this one is no exception. Yancey is quickly becoming my favorite author of horror. He does such a magnificent job grabbing the reader's attention from the beginning. Everything in this book was so good. From the plot, characters, setting, and lore; my heart is just aching to find out what happens next, considering its ending. (Why would you do that to me, Yancey?) The writing, as in the first book, is delicious. It's so detailed that you can actually imagine every single detail. To the gory scenery to the pungent smells. Ugh! In love with Yancey's writing! I won't say too much else because I find it difficult to talk about something I love without sounding redundant. (I love it! It's epic! I am speechless, etc.) Plus, I'm lazy. The book is great. The characters are great (except for Lillian Bates; she annoyed the crap out of me). The story is great. Everything is great. If you liked the first book, you will definitely like the second.