The Isle of Blood - Rick Yancey Oh, my feels... they have been shot. I don't even think I can write up a review that's coherent. Though, I can try. (To the best of my non-existent abilities.)

I am IN LOVE with this series. I am. I think Rick Yancey did a magnificent job with the writing, plot, and characters. Though not as gruesome as the first in the series, The Isle of Blood is still as gripping and as exciting at its previous installments. This one specifically killed my feels. I was left... in shock. Especially with the characters. There was so much character development and growth that I grew even more attached to some characters... and distant towards others.

Pellinore Warthrop grew into such a loving and caring father-figure for Will Henry, whilst Will Henry changed dramatically. He's no longer that scared little boy you met in the first book. I won't elaborate; that will ruin the book for you. It's something you should see for yourself. With Jack Kearns... I can't even begin to tell you how I feel towards him... I don't even know myself. But he's a fantastic character. Dark, cruel, and luring. I'm both attracted and disgusted by him. Still, all of the characters, despite how I feel towards them, are such great characters that help the plot move forward at a fast-pace that pulls you in from the beginning. Such a fantastic read!

Everyone should read this book! Everyone! Well... if you love horror and gruesome gory details about certain monstrosities, then you should DEFINITELY read this. Yancey is such an intelligent man for creating this series and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. I shall be one of the first to read it once it's released. <333