Cowboy Bebop, Vol. 2 - Yutaka Nanten So I read volume two... and it was awesome! Yeah, I have no idea what else to say! This review is going to be me basically gushing over how awesome this manga series is... so... you've been warned. XP

I was excited to get my hands on the next volume of Cowboy Bebop since I loved the first volume so much. It did NOT disappoint. Reading the chapters of this manga is like watching the individual episodes of the anime. It was great. It was fun, exciting, engaging, amazing! I loved how each chapter played out its own plot. The characters were amazing, including some of the new ones. The art style is just fantastic! Overall, I enjoyed ever aspect of this book!

Nanten just keeps getting better and better! The art of this manga is so nice to look at. The characters have their own unique designs and the scenery is just astounding. You feel as if you are on a different planet! And the one who wrote the story, Hajime Yatate (I don't think I talked about them in my last review), did an excellent job again by taking the formula they used for the anime and adapted onto the manga and it flowed beautifully. Nothing seemed forced. It literally felt as if you were watching an actual Cowboy Bebop episode and I couldn't be happier.

I already said how much I love Spike and the rest of the Bebop crew. In this volume, it's no different. They were all badass and lived up to my expectations. Even the new characters were great! Kazuki, a news reporter, though slightly... naive... she brought a lightness to the story that was necessary considering how dark this series can get sometimes. Linda Wise, a mentor to Faye, was fantastic! She was intelligent and kind. You can tell she really cared for Faye. The Killer... he was the butt of Ed's jokes and his end was hilarious! Finally, Allison was somewhat bland but because of her, we were able to get to see a softer side to Spike. Naturally, I enjoyed the new characters tremendously. However, no one can take the spot of my favorite character ever. That spot is reserved for Jet. God, he was so cute, amazing, epic, and wonderful in this manga! Made me laugh a few times, too! XD

If you decided, to read the first volume then I highly suggest you read this one as well. It's full of action, suspense, drama, and comedy! In fact, this volume was a bit more light-hearted tha the previous one but that doesn't mean it wasn't a great volume! It was awesome! Any Cowboy Bebop fan would LOVE to read this manga. Trust me. It is just THAT good!

There's only one left... oh, no! I am not ready for this! I don't want this lovely manga to end! DX But, alas, there is but one left. Oh well... I am REALLY looking forward to seeing where this last volume is going to take me!I know it's going to be epic! >:3