Cowboy Bebop, Vol. 3 - Yutaka Nanten Well... this is it... the last volume... the final adventure we took with the Bebop crew... AND IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!! I mean, what with the last two volumes being as awesome as they were, did you really doubt this one would be any different? This last volume was just as adventurous, as epic, as NOSTALGIC, as the rest of the series was. This one only had two specific adventures but they were much longer than what we were used to. (It only had TWO chapters) and it focused on certain aspects of the characters past. The entire time reading this, I was really excited! I was wondering how everything was going to play out, especially when it came to Edward and Tomato! ...because they were just so cute together! >////< I cannot gush enough about this manga series so, naturally, this is going to be me raving about it again so... you've been warned... again. XP

Nanten's art is just wonderful. Thinking about it now... it's probably not the best artwork I have ever seen (I say this now because after having been exposed to it for three volumes, you kinda get used to it and it loses its flare, but Nanten tries their best to make the artwork nice. At least the characters look like themselves and not completely different characters! XD Hajime Yatate did an amazing job with the story as usual. They know how to grab the reader's attention from the get-go. Starting off each chapter with a chase or an explosion or something along those lines. Yatate's abilities to come up with countless stories with these characters and make is seem something brand new and not rehashed is astounding! I've already said in my previous reviews how it seems like you are watching an episode of the anime by just reading this manga, and I meant it! Man, I have the strongest urge to re-watch the anime... AND I JUST FINISHED WITH IT ABOUT A WEEK AGO! XD

All the characters, I love. Spike is just as douchey and lovable as ever. Faye is still trying to scam people out of their money. Jet is so askdlfnfkhd... I mean... intelligent and caring. Ed is... well, Ed. And Ein is just as helpful as ever, considering the band of idiots he hangs out with. XD So the entire Bebop crew is one of the main reasons why this manga is as epic as it is! The new character aren't so bad either. Mike Yamada is a trucker who got involved in some shady business because of his own dumb luck, I enjoyed his character. He was an elderly man who just wanted to make a living for himself and his family... you just felt sorry for him when you see the crap who had to go through. Poor guy... I loved him so much! However, I think the character I REALLY enjoyed in this last volume was Tomato. He, like Ed, is a child hacker from Earth. They have a history and I would say more so that you have a better idea of who he is but I really don't want to ruin it for you. He is sweet, adorable, and wonderful! Tomato is a character you have to experience for yourself because of how cute he is! (I ship him so hard with Ed, guys!)

Go buy this manga. No, really. Go buy it. If you are a Cowboy Bebop fan, or an anime/manga fan in general, then you should have this in your collection. It's just THAT good! So much adventure! So much excitement! You just can't get enough of it! The moment I get a chance, I am buying this manga because I NEED this. It was sooooooo goooooooood!!! *Flails* ...okay. I'll stop fangirling... I'm just... at a lost! Now that it's over... what am I going to read? Oh Bebop, look what you've done to me. You left me at Reader's Limbo~ Well, I'll find my way out... AFTER ALL THE FEELS!!! DX Pick up this series and read it! You will not regret it! <3