What the Sea Wants - Tracy E. Banghart, Julia C. Blum For such a short book, it really wasn't such a BAD read. I was expecting this to be somewhat horrible only because I wasn't particularly fond of the writing style. There were times when the writing seemed... strange. Perhaps redundant is a better word. Whatever it was, it just didn't do it for me. And the illustrations were hit and miss. Julia Blum has a simplistic art style, which isn't bad. However, sometimes it seems as if she put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful piece... where as other times it looks like a toddler made the drawing. I wasn't that thrilled with it. The plot itself was... okay. Just a lot of sea talk. Yup... that's basically it. We don't spend enough time with the characters to become attach to them which is why it can seem dull at times. The only character I really enjoyed was the dog, Dart. But that's for entirely different reasons. XD In any case, you might want to check this book out from the library first since there's really... not much to this book. :/