I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore I finally was able to read this novel! It took me quite a while because Life can be evil at times! DX

Anyway, I've known about this book ever since it first came out. It's been on my radar because so many people kept talking about it and its upcoming movie (at that time). However, I didn't really make an effort to read until a friend of mine went crazy over it. She enjoyed tremendously, even going as far to say it reminded her of her adventures in the Harry Potter world when she was a child. Naturally, that made me wonder what kind of book this was going to be. I went to the library and saw they had the first two books in the series so I thought, "Why not!?" Now that I have read this book for myself, I can see why my friend liked it so much! It was definitely a good read. Did I enjoy it as much as she did? I don't think so. My friend has a very high-tolerance level for annoying characters where I don't and I think that's why I couldn't enjoy the story as much as I could have.

The story itself was amazing. I'm a sucker for sci-fi elements in any given story and this book is no exception. I loved being introduce to the world of Lorien and what kind of magical abilities the Garde have and what other skills do the Cepan have and-- yeah, you could say I got invested in the story. If it wasn't for the plot, I probably would have found this book dull, because all the other aspects of the book was a little... underwhelming. The writing, though not bad by any means, was a bit dry in some areas. There was nothing special about it. The characters... oh boy. I enjoyed most of the characters, sure, but the main character, Four, and his love interest, Sarah, got on my nerves very quickly.

Four, for the most part, was an idiot. He was supposed to stay hidden so that the alien race that's hunting for him, the Mogadorians, wouldn't find him and kill him. BUT! Everything he did just put the spotlight on him even more. Some of his actions are what got him discovered in the first place. Not to mention he just did things that made no sense. I would love to go into details but that would be too spoiler-ish. One thing I will say is that I love his relationship with Henri. Their father/son moments where very precious. However, there was this one scene where Four was trying to convince Henri to stay where they were and... it pissed me off a bit. I just find it awful because Henri is such a sweetheart and deserves all the awards for being such a good father figure to him. Needless to say, Henri was one of the characters that I enjoyed.

Moving on! Sarah. She was so... bland. There was nothing amazing about her. She was just a generic love interest. Another thing I didn't like about her was how painfully obvious she wanted Four's D. Girl, seriously? Don't you have a bit more dignity than that? No? Well, then... carry on. *Ahem* It's not that I hated her or anything. I just wanted her to not be so clingy and desperate, causing needless drama between Four and her ex, Mark. Mark was a douche at the beginning of the story and, to be honest, I still think he is even though he does something rather surprising towards the end of the book. I'm a very suspicious person so I still don't like him... but he's not the worst person in the novel.

One character that I absolutely adored has to be Sam, Four's best friend. He is sweet, kind, gentle, funny, adorable, and loveable! I can't get enough of him! He's somewhat of an outcast at school and he has a bit of a tragic past but what I love about him is that he doesn't let that interfere with who he is as a person. Do you know how rare that is? Ugh! He's such a great character and I am glad that he was able to shine the way he did in this book.

All-in-all, I really liked this book! There was a great plot, some fantastical elements, and a few good characters to enjoy your journey with. I didn't talk about Six too much because she wasn't heavily featured in this book long enough for me to say something other than "She kicked ass" but she did and she seems to be a great character (so far). I say to read this book. It is quite the adventure. I saw the movie as well and it doesn't really do the book justice. Especially with a few of the characters (though, you should still see the movie because it's not a horrible watch). I recommend if you like sci-fi, adventure, and action, to give this book a shot. It is worth it. Now I'm off to read its sequel because I can! >:3