Joker - Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo Ah, comics~ We meet again~ >:3 I cannot stay away from comics. I love them. They have always entertained me and they always will. That being said, I was rather excited to read this comics because it has literally been YEARS since I last read a "Batman" comic. Especially one centered around The Joker. Naturally, I was quite excited for this. Unfortunately, this comic did not meet my expectations. It was slow, uninteresting, and, above all else, just bland. I was bored throughout most of it. It's a shame because this is the Joker we are talking about! He's such a fun, albeit insane, character to have a story follow! And this one? Well, it did absolutely nothing to keep the reader invested in what was going on.

I have to make it clear that this is the first work of Azzarello that I have ever read so I have nothing to compare this to. However, this wasn't exactly a bad read... it just wasn't good. It was just... okay. The artwork was grotesque and I liked that about it for the most part. For the other part? Not so much. At times, it was close to ugly and wasn't pleasing to the eye. But it was dark and gritty for the majority of the book and for that, it deserves some major props. The story followed one of the Joker's henchmen and, even though I can understand how interesting the concept might have been, it does absolutely nothing when it comes to execution. Jonny Frost was, also, boring. He did nothing. He tried so hard to be a badass but never could quite reach the status. And because of this character not doing anything except what he was told, I feel, made the story seem slow and dull.

As for the Joker himself? Yeah, he was insane as always but, as I've said, the story follows Jonny around most of the time so the Joker kind of gets pushed to the background. There really weren't many characters in this comic. We get little cameos of other villains like The Penguin, Killer Croc, The Riddler, and Harley Quin but you rarely get to see much of them. Harley is there for fanservice purposes (like usual) and doesn't add or take away anything from the story. The Riddler pops up once and... he just threw me for a loop and not in a good way. Penguin was scared most of the time and Killer Croc was all "I kills you now!" ...not exactly interesting. The only villain that did something, at least showed up a bit more, was Two-Face... and even then it was mostly just to have someone to interact with the Joker. (Nothing came out of this confrontation either.)

I would go more into detail but the comic is so short that there really isn't much to talk about. It was just a very slow read that eventually leads to nowhere. I still liked the artwork, for the most part, and it was interesting to see this from a henchman's point of view but I wish they took a little time more to develop the characters and to not just have one boring line of dialogue after the other. If you're a fan of Azzarello or just like graphic novels, than give this a try. Maybe you'll like it a lot better than I did.