Miki Falls, Volume 1: Spring - Mark Crilley Worst. Manga. Ever. I'm warning you now. The things I have to say about this manga are not good ones. If you happened to like this manga then all the more to you but stay clear from this review. Just letting you know now to avoid insulting anyone in the future. With that said... on to the review.

I'm going through a major manga kick right now. It's been a while since I just sat down and read manga so I went to the library and just took out a whole bunch of manga. One of them was Miki Falls: Spring and its sequel Miki Falls: Summer, just to see what they were about since I had never heard of them. I'll be honest, I didn't think it would be something I would thoroughly enjoy because it looked really cheesy and... look at the art. It's horrendous. (More on the art later.) But I never judge anything until I read it for myself. I don't think it's fair when someone says they hate something before they give it a try... so I gave it a try... AND OH GOD I HATE IT! What was the point to all this? The plot was the dumbest thing to ever be created, the characters were shallow as hell, the art style was just... ew, and the climax? HA! Don't make me laugh. One of the worst "twists" to ever happen in a story since Toilet. (Twilight for those of you who don't know.) I've read my share of bad manga in my life... but this one takes the cake and gobble it down like the fat slob it is. My word... I just cannot believe I was able to finish it. I seriously thought about giving up a quarter of the way through. That's how bad it was! Bah! But enough of my babbling. Let's more on now.

Mark Crilley... I don't know you. I don't know the kind of things you are into... but what the hell, man? What were you thinking when you wrote this? The story is so bland and is almost EXACTLY (it is) like Twilight! This whole "society" you created for your manga was among the worst ever. Really? That's the "big secret" Hiro was hiding? You expect me to take this seriously after something so ridiculous is revealed? Needless to say, I was not a fan of your story. It was shallow just like your characters (more on that later) and I do not appreciate how you think that any of what you showed here is what love truly is. You don't go around stalking people, being obsessed with people, and expect them to just fall in love. It's stupid. I was bored out of my mind reading this. Nothing exciting happened, everything was just thrown together without much thought, and the climax left me rolling my eyes. Another thing I didn't like about this manga was how everything was being told to you. It's a MANGA. You don't have to EXPLAIN the scene if we are seeing it for ourselves! If you want to explain things, write an actual NOVEL. There was so much text about a scene that was going on... EVEN THOUGH WE ARE SEEING IT HAPPEN RIGHT BEFORE US. That annoyed me to high heaven. Oi... my head... this whole story... just... a let down all together. The fact that this took place at my favorite country, Japan, was another insult to add onto the list. To see such a vile story happening in Japan... why would you stab me in the heart!? WHY!?

The art was no better. I know I really shouldn't complain about art styles because everyone has their own taste in art... but shit! I've complained about everything else, I'll complain about the art, too. It's a mess to say the least. The characters look really disgusting. They have fat faces and really thin bodies. Their jaws are way too large and why the hell are their mouths in the middle of the face? They were just not pleasing to the eye. The scenery... is a little better, I will admit that BUT! even that was pretty dull to look at. There wasn't a lot of details put in and sometimes it looked like you were staring at a blank page instead of looking at beautiful Japan. The artwork was just dreadful. It hurt to look at. I wasn't able to stare at a page for longer than ten seconds before I felt myself just feeling disgusted. Crilley needs to work on his art before he is able to get anyone to really appreciate his work.

I think one of the worst parts in this book has GOT to be the characters. Let's start off with Miki, our protagonist. She was pathetic. At first, she started off okay. She seemed strong and focused on making herself a better person. She didn't need a man to live life to the fullest and I liked that about her. However, once Hiro, the love interest, comes into the picture, she threw all her ideals out the window! She became obsessed with him! She wanted to know more about him even though he clearly told her to stay the hell away from him. She started to stalk him and tell him that no, she wasn't going to give up on him. Some people might call that determination. I call it degrading yourself to a man that clearly wants nothing with you. What was Miki's main reason for going after Hiro? Oh, because he was "mysterious." What a disgrace she is... Hiro is no better. He had no personality. He was boring, bland, dull. Nothing to him. He was just hiding a "secret." That's it. Nothing to add into the fray of bullshit that was going on in the story. He played the typical role of douchy, myserious guy that you see in YA literature today. -_-" The fact that this is in a manga... oh God. Help us. The last character I am going to talk about is Miki's friend, Yumi. THE WORST CHARACTER EVER TO BE CREATED! She was even more shallow than Miki. She is completely boy crazy. All she talks about are boys. All she thinks about are boys. All she's about are BOYS!!! According to her, a girl shouldn't live unless she has a boyfriend. If you're seventeen and you've never been on a date, you're a sad excuse of a girl. "It's better to be with someone you hate than being alone." What kind of twisted logic does this chick have? She annoyed the hell out of me. I normally don't get all feminist-like but she just made every single woman look like we wanted nothing more than to have a penis between our legs. The hell!? Yumi needed to be killed. Strangled to death, run over by a bus, shot in the head, I don't care how! She just needed to be murdered because saying stupid shit like that should NEVER go unpunished. I'm sorry if I seem really bitter but she irked me the wrong way. How can one say such things? It was insulting. The characters in this book... really killed the entire read for me.

Oh God... just... don't read this book. I mean, if you are really, really, REALLY curious then give it a try. But I would NEVER recommend ANYONE to read this disgusting piece of crap. It's stupid, insulting, rubbish. Worst shoujo I had ever read! (Said this a million times because it is SOOOO true.) The plot is ridiculous, the art is atrocious, and the characters are an embarrassment to society. If you want to read a shoujo, go with something that has more class. Not this bullshit. As I said earlier in the review, I took out the second volume from the library as well. BUT THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I AM READING IT NOW AFTER READING THIS CRAP! I'm staying away from it. This was the tip of the iceberg... I rather not go down with this ship. >_< Good luck if you ever decide to give it a try. I'm off to bleach out my brain. *Walks off muttering about the crap she just read*