Anya's Ghost - Vera Brosgol One of the better graphic novels I have read in a long time. I'm not going to lie. It did take me a while to warm up to the story and its characters, but after about a third of the way through, I found myself captivated by the story, art, AND characters. I've been seeing this comic around for some time now and I remember looking at the cover and thinking that it looked a lot like something I would be into. After reading the summary, I knew that I just HAD to read it. Anya's Ghost was such a fun, cute, somewhat bizarre read which, mind you, made it all the more enjoyable. Definitely glad that I gave this graphic novel a chance.

Vera Brosgol is a fantastic creator! You can tell she was a great sense of humor with the quirks she gives to her characters. She plays up certain roles to get across to the reader the ridiculousness of it all. There's this one scene in particular she makes Anya have about a boy she likes that just... cracked me up! I was laughing quite a bit at that! Another thing I want to mention, is the artwork. It's simplistic yet elegant. Brosgol's art style is very unique. I have not seen an art style like this... ever really. She knows her world. She knows the story she wants to tell and she is able to capture that essence into her art and it flows very well. Her ability to tell the story through her art is incredible and her ability to tell a story, in general, is great. I was not too happy at the beginning of the comic because I felt that it was too shallow to be taken seriously. However, as the story progresses, she was able to take this simple, silly concept and morph it into something greater and for that alone, Brosgol deserves praise.

As I said, the story was so much fun! It even got creepy at some points. Anya, when you first meet her, is very shallow. She has no depth to her whatsoever. She was obsessed with her image and this boy that was not even worth the ground he walked on. I was not a fan of her at all. She was mean, selfish, and pathetic. BUT! She grows! She grows as a character and matures in a way that just... works. She learns from her mistakes and she realizes that not everything is image-based. She learns to appreciate her heritage, her family, and the people around her. For someone as self-absorbed as Anya to learn that was pretty amazing to read about. Emily, the Ghost that Anya finds one day after falling into a hole/well (I don't think they ever really specified what it was), was a FANTASTIC character. She was my favorite throughout the entire comic! She, too, went through a transformation. She starts off being so kind and gentle. She was very cute! However, there's a dark side to her and you, as the reader, are aware of it from the beginning... but you can't help but fall for her anyway! She was psychotic and dark and, in truth, you wouldn't want her any other way. I enjoyed her character a lot because of her complexities! (Can you tell I have a thing for the crazies?) There were plenty of other characters, too! Like Siobhan, Anya's friend; Dima, a Russian immigrant that wants to be friends with Anya but to who she always treats poorly; and Anya's mother and brother, who also were very sweet and endearing characters. I could go on and on, but I want to leave you finding out who these people are for yourself.

To wrap up, I love this comic. It was difficult to get into at first, but after that initial hurtle, the story just takes off and you just go along with it. It's funny, energetic, creative, and just plain good fun! If you love reading graphic novels, you should definitely give this a try. Even if Anya annoys the living daylights out of you, I think you will be able to appreciate it for the art and the message of being yourself (it's not as corny as I make it sound, trust me). If from what I said puts you off then... read it anyway! You might be able to get something out of it that I missed! I encourage everyone to read whatever they want despite what a reviewer has to say. If this book calls to you, read it. If not, read it anyway just so you can form your own opinion on it and have reasons to back up your argument as to WHY you didn't enjoy it. I mean, isn't that what this site is all about? :D Seriously, go out and read this! You will not regret it!