Eona: The Last Dragoneye - Alison Goodman *Sighs* Where to start? I... I don't even know. This book was so difficult for me to rate because I had adored the first book, Eon, so much! It was one of my favorite books of all time and it still is! I love that book with all my heart! This book, however, I did not. I can't even begin to describe to you my disappointment in Eona. Where the first book was rich in character development and was action-packed with a great setting and world building, this book just completely plummeted into a pathetic love-triangle drama disguised as a "struggle to save the kingdom" type of story. It was annoying, frustrating, and a waste of time. I really don't want to say such things because I loved the first book and I respect Goodman as a writer, but I will not let my love for the first book deter me from saying what I really think and feel.

As I said, I love Alison Goodman's writing. She is very talented and can create a world that's so enriching with lore so engaging that it leaves the reader breathless. Everything flows so smoothly in her books and you can't help but want to read more and more of her work! That being said, I don't know what happened in this novel. She still has the ability to create a story from beautiful language, however, the story in this book fell flat. The main story took a backseat along with some of the more interesting characters (more on this later) for a mediocre love-triangle that was highly unnecessary. I don't think I would have mind so much if it wasn't constantly there for no apparent reasons other than to "create tension" between the main three characters. Not to mention it was very evident that Goodman did certain things (can't say for spoilers) just to make the reader "feel" something. It was a low blow and I thought was in bad taste.

The characters in this one were annoying, even more so than the first book. Mainly Eona. In the first book, Eon was a brave individual who fought for her right to be a Dragoneye and ignored her fears! She was annoying at some parts but, considering her upbringing, it's to be expected. In this one, she was constantly second-guessing herself, lying to her friends, and making poor decisions. For what? Because she could. She was a Dragoneye now so whatever she said goes! Her power-hungry, self-absorbed train of thought was so infuriating to me as a reader. There was no need to not tell the truth anymore. The first book it was plausible because if they found out who she truly was, they would have killed her. In this book, everyone knows who she is! What was the point in lying to her closest friends, who has been there with her since the beginning and only wanted to help her out when she needed it most? It was infuriating. Not to mention her constant back and forth "romance" between Kygo, the Emperor, and Ido, the Rat Dragoneye. It's like... please. Stop right now. We all know who you're going to end up with and it's slightly disgusting how you keep lusting after them both. I just think that after all the lies and mistreating of everyone dear to her, she got off easy. She shouldn't have gotten the ending that she did. Kyogo was an alright character... inexperienced and slightly foolish but I was able to handle him. Ido was... an ass... BUT! he was also a fun character. You know he's twisted from the beginning but he holds the reader's attention because you're never quite sure what he might do. Entertaining to boot! But he's involved with Eona and that just makes things taste sour whenever they are in the same room... yuck.

The side characters were a lot more entertaining! Lady Dela, the Contraire, was such a kind and sweet person. I love how dedicated she was to helping and supporting Eona... even though Eona didn't deserve such care. Ryko, Dela's personal guard and close friend, was another caring and loving character. He was strong and loyal yet he never took Eona's bullshit. I love him because he did everything he could in order to please everyone, no second thoughts on what may happen to him. Ryko and Lady Dela were a lot more interesting to read about but because of the actual "plot," we don't get to see them a lot of the time. I also wanted to see more of Rilla and Chart and Tozay but they are also pushed into the background. It's upsetting because this book had so much potential, but because of this threat that Sethon, a one-dimensional villain, and this love feud between Eona, Kygo, and Ido, the book just went to a complete and utter standstill...

Do I recommend these books to anyone despite my hatred for the second book? ...yes. At least the first one, anyway! The first one was so amazing! Action, suspense, fantastical dragon lore, and great characters that grow with each new twist! That first book was awesome! And if you read the first book, you're going to want to know what happens next, right? I think you should read this book... but don't expect much out of it. It's definitely not as exciting as the first and twice more as irritating. Read the second book for the side characters and the dragons and Goodman's writing style, at the very least. Hopefully that will keep you entertained enough to not want to burn the book.