The Prince of Mist (Mist, #1) - Carlos Ruiz Zafón Another read I was pleased with. I stumbled up this book at the library and I recognized the author's name. So, I took it home. I didn't even realize it was Carlos Ruiz Zafón's first book. That was a pleasant surprise because it doesn't feel like it's his first novel. The book is written so well; written as if it's by a veteran writer. It's short but it's filled with action and suspense. You'll want to keep reading until you unravel the mystery of what's happening in this village by the beach. The characters are engaging, the story interesting, and it's just a fun quick read.

This is a translated work of art so I can't comment on Carlos Ruiz Zafón writing style, per say, but I will say that the story he created was fantastic. I enjoyed how the pacing never seemed to dull out. It was always moving, but it was never too fast that you felt like you missed something. The story slowed down where it counted and picked up again where it was supposed to. His story was dark and mysterious. I was reading non-stop because I wanted to find out what was going to happen next! My only complaint is that the book is rather short... but seeing as how this is the first book to a trilogy, I'm willing to overlook that minor flaw. However, I am not willing to overlook the insta-love that happens in the book. It just came out of the blue, really. The characters meet on Day One and on Day Two, they are already sucking faces. It was not pleasant. The romance was not well-developed at all and I feel the book could have been stronger without it. Besides that, the book was very enjoyable.

The characters are pretty good! Max is strong, brave, and intelligent. He was one of the major driving force of this novel. Alicia, Max's older sister, took a while to become likable. At first, she was so bitchy; I wanted to slap her in the face. But, as the story progresses, she grows as a character and you come to understand why she was acting the way she was. Roland is a friend the two meet at this new town their parents moved them to to escape the war. He was a pretty good character. He didn't really stick out for me. I thought he was alright for who he was. Victor Kray, Roland's grandfather, play an essential role in the story. I can't say much on him for spoilers but he was another character that I enjoyed.

There's not much else I can say about this book. It's short and if I say too much, I'll start giving major plot points away. Just know that it's a quick, fun read filled with adventure, horror, and has a pretty wicked villain, which I will let you see for yourself. Give this book a read if any of this appeals to you. I know I will be picking up the second installment of the series because it left me wanting more!