The Friday Society - Adrienne Kress I tried... oh, I tried so hard to like this book... but that's nearly impossible when there is nothing in this book to like! I saw this YouTube video (I can't remember which one) one day that showed this book on it. I thought, "This could either be really amazing... or really stupid." Either way, I made note of it in case I came across it one day. Well, fast forward to when I went to the library a few days ago. I saw it on the shelf, thought, "Why not?" and brought it home with me. Anyway, I read it... and it's just really stupid. The plot is predictable, the characters shallow underdeveloped carbon copies of one another, and the writing? Oh, God... The most juvenile piece of writing I have ever seen in any YA novel. This book is not that long at all and it was a struggle for me to get through. I just... I can't. DX

Adrienne Kress seems to have the right educational background to support her career as a writer and I am quite happy for her. I am. However, after reading this book, I have to question whether she is aware of how to write towards her targeted audience. It seems to me she just dumbed-down her writing style to make it that much more "understandable" to younger readers. Well, young readers are not imbeciles. They can understand a lot more than people give them credit for. I feel that if Kress took the time to write things out in a less simple fashion, maybe the book wouldn't have been such a mess. Her plot was so predictable that the reader knows who the villain is from the get-go. Not to mention her characters are characters you see from a high school drama (more on this later). Kress should have plotted out her story better and tried to mix things up a bit. Also, this is nothing on Kress, herself, but her editor. Did her editor actually take the time out to read her book and make sure that simple typos were fixed? There are more than FIVE typos and, in a book this short, it is VERY noticeable. Maybe this is just me being slightly nick-picky. I can forgive typos in novels... but not if it's this many.

On to the characters. I hated them all except for two and those two are not even main characters! Cora was a self-centered, bad attitude, horny little shit that got on my nerves rather quickly. In fact, she is the character I hate the most because she had absolutely no redeemable qualities about her whatsoever. I was rolling my eye towards her more than I was rooting for her to win. Nellie is a bit more passable but she, too, is a self-centered, manipulative girl. She knows she is pretty and she's always trying to manipulate people for her own gain. Always flirting and acting coy. Ugh... Michiko isn't as conceited but she is still a self-centered little cunt. I didn't like her high-and-mighty attitude towards those "beneath" her rank. It annoyed me to high heaven! In fact, all three of these girls were just carbon copies of one another. At times, it was hard to tell who was talking at what time; their lines are THAT interchangeable. Especially Cora and Nellie's lines. Kress needed to give them a bit more of a personality in order for things to have run smoothly. Instead, they all came across as the same character which made the reading experience lackluster.

There are only two characters that I enjoy in this book. Officer Jeff Murphy, the cop who was assigned to solving the "case." He is shy, sweet, kind, and not a total idiot (unlike most of these characters here). I always wanted to see him in the story but, since he's a side character, he hardly appeared. Oh well... the other character I like is Hayao. He was the apprentice to Michiko... she treated him like crap throughout the entire book for no other reason than he was below her rank. Hayao is, much like Murphy, except not as shy or awkward. These two characters were enjoyable because they were vastly different and they served a purpose to the story. Everyone else can just go piss off.

As you can see, I did not enjoy this book one bit. The plot was too predictable, the characters idiotic clones of one another (save for two), and the writing mediocre. I really can't recommend this book to anyone to read. However, I won't discourage it either. If you are curious and want to see for yourselves what this book entails, then go ahead and read it! Just keep everything I said in mind because this book was such a chore to get through. Ugh... I am not a fan. Hopefully, you'll find something to like about this book. I'm off to bleach out my brain.