The Seer of Shadows - Avi It is definitely safe to say that I am a HUGE fan of Avi's novels. This is the fourth book I've read by him and I am so glad I did... despite not being a fan of the ending (more on this later). This story was engaging, had amazing characters, a fantastic setup, and all-around awesome atmosphere. I am definitely glad I decided to pick this up when I went to the library the other day.

Avi's writing style is amazing, especially in this book! Everything is so nicely detailed and goes along in a nice pace. It's written for a younger audience but that doesn't take away from the reading experience. It's smooth, easy to understand, and captures the reader from the get-go. I love the way Avi writes. Some people think his writing is too simple, but I think it fits for the stories he is trying to tell. I think his writing is fantastic.

His characters this time around were amazing! All of them were so enjoyable; they had such dynamics with themselves and others, I was blown away! Even the more annoying characters were entertaining. Horace is bright, caring, and sweet. He and Pegg, who is also such a wonderful character, are among my favorites. The Von Machts were a lot more annoying BUT! their presence in the novel was vital! They made for excellent antagonists and, even though I wanted to punch both of them, they really made the story move along.

This book would have gotten a five-out-of-five... if it wasn't for the ending. Now, I can't say what the ending is because of spoilers... but I will say this: It doesn't have an actual ending. There's no closure. You think that things are going to end one way but then things are left up in the air. I am okay with open-ended endings, but this was NOT one of those GOOD open-ended endings. In fact, I don't even think this "ending" was necessary. It was more like a kick in the face than an actual ending. It's a shame because I was really enjoying this book... until that happened. Ugh... so disappointing.

Do I still think you should read this book despite its ending? Yes. It is still an all-around great book to read. The plot is great, characters awesome, pacing fantastic, and setting lovely! Even though the ending is not conclusive, I still think it is worth the read. If you've read Avi's other works, then I think you should give this one a read as well. If you like ghost stories, then you should read this. If you really can't stand when a book doesn't have a real ending... then you might want to skip this... but you'll be missing out on all the positive aspects to this book! Give it a chance. You might like what you read.