Frankenstein (Barron's Graphic Classics)

Frankenstein (Graphic Classics) - Fiona MacDonald, Penko Gelev, Mary Shelley I was a little disappointed by the way this graphic novel portrayed the story of Frankenstein. It was a mess. You, as the reader, have no idea sometimes which panel to read first and it was written in a way where the dialogue would come first and the the text which made for a confusing read. The artwork itself was nothing special. It was sloppy and not pleasing to the eye. I was very underwhelmed reading this book. The one thing I did enjoy was the bits of information that's placed at the back of the book about Mary Shelley's life and some famous movies about Frankenstein. (Imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out Kenneth Branagh directed a film about Frankenstein that starred Robert De Niro! I freaked out! I know that it's quite old but hey! I'm still young... and I was never into movies. Still not really into them. I'm more of a reader.) Seriously, the information part was the only part of this graphic novel I enjoyed. If you want to learn more about Frankenstein, then I suggest you pick up the actual classic. You're not going to get much out of this. Still, if you want to read it then go ahead. Just remember to read the book first.