Karneval, Vol. 1 (Karneval, #1)

Karneval, Vol. 1 - Touya Mikanagi So when this last season of anime debuts happened, I saw that Karneval was among them... and right away I took to the interesting character designs and animation. It was bright, vivid, colorful, and the characters looked amazing. Well, naturally, I had to go and watch it... and I was NOT disappointed. It was such a fun and cute anime with the occasional FEELS-fest that I just enjoyed myself tremendously. However, the anime left a lot of small details out... a lot of questions left unanswered so, of course, I had to check out the manga. I did... AND I FREAKING LOVE IT! There's so much information that you get from the manga that you don't get in the anime and it makes SENSE! The characters were brilliant as always, the plot kept moving, it was slightly darker than the anime, and I adore the artwork! It was such a good read.

I've never read anything by Touya Mikanagi before but I am glad that I did now. The artwork is so detailed and cute; it looks smooth when it needs to be but also rugged when it wants to show something grotesque! The artwork is beautiful and just very pleasing to the eyes. The story itself is just slowly unfolding. I like how it is telling it better than the anime did. When watching the anime, I was slightly confused, but now, I'm getting it... even though not much of the story has been told yet. Still, I like the pacing of the manga. It has the right balance between action, comedy, and silliness.

The characters are brilliant! Gareki is a "lone" character but he quickly becomes attached to Nai, and although he's kind of an asshole (seriously, being mean is the way he shows he cares~ I understand that better than anyone), it's not because he's doing it to hurt others. It's just his personality. Nai is such a cutie. He starts off so innocent and naive but he quickly starts picking up on things from the world surrounding him. You can tell he's a lot more intelligent than one notices at first glance. I can't wait to see more of his development. Hirato is sexy as hell... okay I need to talk more about who he is... not just his looks. He's a rather serious character, however, he does have a quirky side. I enjoy him as a character because he is a "father-figure" to the others in Circus; always looking about for them and giving them praise! It's so cute! Tsukumo is a badass, cute girl with a kind heart! She knows how to read people, how to get certain things out of people. AND! She has more strength than most men put together! I adore this girl. On to Yogi! Can you say adorably cute? Because that's what he is! Cute and strong and just AJAKSJLKGBJFLBHJ I am fangirling... *Inhales/exhales* ...okay. I don't know how I can put this eloquently... I can't. I just adore all the characters in this manga and Yogi is no exception. He goes from being completely cute to badass in a second. He has a huge heart and worries constantly about the others. Nai and Gareki especially. (If you wondered, I totally ship Yogi and Gareki together... you know they have a thing for each other.) I just can't continue with this review anymore. It's turning into me raving instead of reviewing...

...this happens sometimes with the things I like... I fail to review and commence with "YOU MUST READ THIS BECAUSE FEEELS!"

On a serious note, I don't think this manga is for everyone. I know most people will find some of its content disturbing. If you like a slowly-develop plot that doesn't make a lot of sense at first but totally does towards the end, read this. If you like characters that are fun and entertaining, read this. If you like pretty boys that happen to be perfect in every way and make shipping a lot more complicated than it needs to be, read this. I am sure you will enjoy this. I know I did and I will continue to enjoy this the more I read it! <3333