Karneval, Vol. 6 (Karneval, #6)

Karneval, Vol. 6 - Touya Mikanagi Quick review! (Running short on time)

This volume... prepare to be an emotional wreck because that's what seems to drive this series! DX I am completely in love with it but the mangaka really does love messing with the reader's head!

Artwork is fantastic!

Characters are so enjoyable... minus one. (I cannot stand Jiki. -_-")

Plot, though confusing at times, is action-packed and intriguing.

All-in-all, another well-rounded volume. There's even some funny bits towards the end which makes up for all the PAIN AND TORMENT you will go through in some of the chapters! *Sobs* Gareki! Yogi! My heart! *Slaps self* ... *Ahem*

Go on! If you've read all the way up to this point in the series, you might as well continue! It only gets better from here... I hope! *Sobs some more*