Karneval, Vol. 7 (Karneval, #7) - Touya Mikanagi Another super quick review because what is quality?

This manga series is going to tear our my heart. It wants to see me fall on the floor and die. I just know it! This volume specifically has nothing but SADNESS all around! With Gareki leaving, Yogi being so depress about it, Karoku being a douche, and Nai having to deal with that... not to mention something is up with Hirato that's giving me all the feels... I just cannot handle it!

1. Story is progressing some what slowly but it's enough to keep you engaged.

2. Characters are the best part for all the FEELS!!!

3. Mikanagi is just an awesome person all around... though she is still a troll.

I love this series and I cannot rave about it enough. One day I will write proper reviews for this series, but for now, just give it a try. It starts off slow but it gets rolling quick enough and you become so invested in these characters lives that you will be off in the Corner of Woe whenever you see any one of them hurting... in fact, that's where I'll be until I read the next volume... for reasons... *SOBS FOR ETERNITY*