Karneval, Vol. 8 (Karneval, #8) - Touya Mikanagi Really short review because CAN!

1. Story still confusing at points.

2. Characters are awesome as always! Except Karoku... I know I've ragged on Jiki in the past but... I actually hate Karoku a lot more than I do Jiki and that's saying something!!!

3. Mikanagi is still trolling me! Gareki has to face a difficult decision later on! I want to know what Gareki said to Yogi in the text! And what's going on with Hirato!? Why are you making me go through hell!? DX

That's it. That's all I have to say. Read this volume if you've read the others. It's just as good and the characters are awesome! Now, if you'll excuse me... *READ THE NEXT VOLUME*