Boxers by Gene Luen Yang

Boxers - Gene Luen Yang

I have been a fan of Gene Luen Yang since I've read his American Born Chinese graphic novel. I've read quite a lot of his works since then as well. So when I heard he wrote another graphic novel duology, I was more than excited to read it. And I quite like this one.


Yang's artwork is still very simplistic, almost cartoony, and it fits so well with each story he is telling. Even with the graphic nature of this tale. The story itself is not a happy one. It's dark. In fact, any book dealing with the Boxer Rebellion will be horrifically dark. However, I enjoyed reading Yang's take of it. I enjoyed seeing him mix the Rebellion together with elements of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It was absolutely brilliant!


If you like any of Yang's previous work, if you are interested in Chinese culture/history, then I think you should pick up this graphic novel. I am now going to go and read the second part of this duology and see how this all wraps up!