The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

The Sculptor - Scott McCloud

This has been a graphic novel that has been getting a lot of buzz lately so I wanted to see what it was about for myself. I finally got around to seeing it and, let me tell you, it was a very good read. 


I love how McCloud (great name, btw) told a story about life. Real life! Through a graphic novel using a lot of fantasy elements. I actually don't want to say much about the story itself because a book like this... it's an experience and if I tell you anything about the story and how it was executed, well, it would cheapen that experience. So go into this knowing that this is a story about life and how not everything goes according to plan. (Vague, I know... but trust me. You don't want this spoiled.)


The artwork in this is lovely. It's not overly complex but it's not plain either. There's a right balance to the characters's facial expressions and the setting. I really think the art is beautiful.


You really should give this book a read, especially if you are going through a "questioning" period in your life. I believe it might be a comfort or an assistance to those going through a rough time right now. McCloud did an amazing job on this graphic novel and I think a lot of people will appreciate all the hard work he put into making this story. I know I do.