The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore

The Night Before Christmas - Clement C. Moore

On Christmas Eve, my partner and I decided to marathon a whole bunch of Christmas movies and specials. Some of which I have seen but she hasn't and some of which she has seen but I haven't. Among the ones she hasn't seen is the Rankin and Bass special of Twas the Night Before Christmas. However, before she watched that, I wanted her to read the original poem since she hasn't read it in a while either. 


And that's where this precious darling of a book came in! I've had this book for YEARS now! I read it every Christmas Eve and I wanted to share it with my best mate! So we read it together whilst the great LeVar Burton read it out loud! (We're Reading Rainbow fans as well~) It was such a lovely experience. I loved reading along and experiencing this book again but in a new way. 


The poem itself is short but lovely. It helped create a lot of what we know today about Christmas and Santa Claus. I highly recommend you check this poem out. And then watch the Rankin and Bass Christmas Special of it because that, too, is precious!


Have yourself a wonderful Christmas, everyone!