Battle Bunny by Jon Scieszka

Battle Bunny - Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett, Matthew Myers

I really enjoyed reading this picture book. It was two stories in one. One story focused on a bunny and that bunny's birthday party whilst the other story focused on a bunny and that bunny's quest to rule the world! XD I really enjoyed reading it and the artwork that went along with it was very creative.


The "good" bunny's story was "crossed out" by the "bad" bunny's story and I had a fun time just seeing how both stories just collided together. I really think this book is so much fun. I do think that younger readers may become confused if they try to read both stories together so I recommend going through the book twice: once for the "good" bunny, twice for the "bad" bunny. Other than that, I think this book will be a fun read for all children.


Give this book a try. I do think it's worth the read!