The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

The Hundred Dresses - Eleanor Estes, Louis Slobodkin

I must say how much I adore this book! It's subject matter is not easy to deal with. It focuses on bullying and racism, but it also shows how to forgive those who have done you wrong. To not end up bitter and hateful. I think this is a very influential book for everyone, not just children, and I believe everyone should read it. It's loaded with colorful illustrations to go along with the beautifully written texts. One thing I really loved about this book was how the characters were charming. My heart was stolen by Wanda and her creativity, and Maddie's urge to do good despite her hesitations. It really was a lovely story.


That's all I will say about the book. This is one I really don't want to spoil for those who haven't read it. Give it a shot. I think you will walk away from it feeling hopeful... that the world is not as bad as you think it may be.